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Stonework Christian Fellowship   - Living Life in God's covenant conforming lives to the image of Christ
Christian Ministry
Living life in God's covenant transforming lives to Christ.
Fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples.
- Go into all the world and make disciples of Jesus in all nations.
- Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.
- Teaching them to observe all the things He commanded.
Foundational Values:
- Christ's Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness  
- Repentance
- Christlike living

Ministry Characteristics:
- a passion for prayer 
- a heart to worship 
- a compassion for families

General Information
Pastor Allen and LuAnn Bickle have been married for over 45 years. Originally from northern Indiana, Colorado has been home for most of their lives. They have three daughters born and raised there, as well as three grand children. 

Although Allen attended Colorado Christian University for a time, most of his ministry training comes through life experience and ordination by confirmation from various ministries. The family moved to Pueblo in 1988, prior to that, he and LuAnn were both in management at Winter Park Resort, where they worked for twelve years and help establish Winter Park Christian Church.

In Pueblo, they have been involved in various aspects of ministry. As a Senior Pastor of a local church, regional overseer for Pastors, owner/operation of a Christian radio station, Allen has been involved in all aspects of ministry. Presently Executive Director of RiversEdge International Fellowship, an apostolic fellowship of leaders in ministry and the marketplace around the world. LuAnn has always been involved in music ministry. Having been trained in classical piano, now God's musician leads Praise & Worship teams in ministry. They both have a passion for God's presence and have dedicated themselves to prayer and worship.

Over the last thirty years Allen and LuAnn have come alongside a number of pastors to help them establish churches or support them through tough times in ministry. They know that those years were God’s preparation for His purpose to impact cities with prayer & transform the heart of God's people and change the culture to Christ. 

Credentials & Affiliations:
RiversEdge International Fellowship, Montgomery, Alabama- Pres. Eddie Mitchell
Advancing Church Ministries, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Pres. Francis Frangipane
Church On The Rock International, Dallas, Texas- Pres. Michael Maiden
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