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Stonework Christian Fellowship   - Living Life in God's covenant conforming lives to the image of Christ
                - Living life in God's covenant transforming lives to Christ -

SCM is a Christian ministry fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples.
- Go into all the world and make disciples of Jesus in all nations.
- Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.
- Teaching them to observe all the things He commanded. 

Foundation Values:
- Christ's Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness 
- Repentance from sin
- Christlike living 

Ministry Characteristics:
- a passion for prayer 
- a heart to worship 
- a compassion for families

Experience Christian fellowship, worship, discipleship, in an atmosphere 
of Chris's love, acceptance & forgiveness...
Contact the SCM ministry Team at:
 Stonework Christian Ministries
 Box 8055
 Pueblo, Co 81008

 ph: 1-719-821-9049
Stonework Christian Ministries on Facebook


                                   PRAY SOUTHERN COLORADO
       - Bringing a people into intimacy with God releasing His presence in the earth -  

PSC is a Christian ministry impacting cities with prayer & worship.  "...for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you" Galatians 4;19. We are laboring in prayer for this generation for a change of character and becoming transformed to the image of Christ so this world can see Jesus through each of us.

In the midst of worldwide conflicts and great recession, there is a "great awakening" God is releasing in this hour. The great harvest season awaits us to engage in God's plan to bring others to Christ. PSC is part of that remnant God has positioned to reap the end time harvest in Southern Colorado. 

For scheduling a prayer & ministry event in your area contact the PSC Ministry Team at:
 Pray Southern Colorado
 Box 8055
 Pueblo, Co 81008

Pray Southern Colorado on Facebook


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